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Olive oil and wine along the shores of Lake Trasimeno
Castiglione del Lago, Ferretto, Riccio, Tuoro sul Trasimeno, Passignano, San Feliciano, San Savino, Sant’Arcangelo, Castiglione del Lago

Technical Sheet

Starting and finishing point: Castiglione del Lago
Distance: 69 km.
Total ascent: 450 metres
Grade: medium
Road surface: asphalt
Recommended type of bike: road, hybrid or MTB
Places to visit in the area: Lake Trasimeno, Castiglione del Lago, Tuoro, Passignano, Monte del Lago, Magione

This route, which has been graded as medium more for its length than for any difficulties associated with the climbs involved, starts from the council swimming pool in Castiglione del Lago, and circumvents Lake Trasimeno (see ‘photo above) following the Trasimeno Hills Wine Road and the Umbria Olive Oil Road to a substantial degree.

Leaving Castiglione del Lago, follow the road in the direction of Pozzuolo, and after 2.5 km. turn right towards Piana and Ferretto. At this point you pedal for several kilometres along quiet, country lanes through pine woods and fields.

Beyond Ferretto lies Pietraia (12.5 km), and here you climb sharply for a short distance and then turn right towards Riccio. At this point you cycle for about 500 metres along the SS71, a fairly busy main road, before turning right and following the signs for Tuoro.

After a few fairly easy uphill sections, you reach Puntabella, which as the name suggests affords a wonderful view across the lake. Then continue along the SS75bis, which takes you past Tuoro and Passignano, and at km. 38.5 turn right towards Torricella (this section of the route offers a cycle trail suitable for hybrid bikes or MTBs, running alongside the main surfaced road as far as Sant’Arcangelo).

Continue riding along the SP316, which runs alongside the lake shoreline, and through the old fishing village of San Feliciano. Just past San Savino you return to the SS71: at this point, turn right towards Chiusi. Beyond the next village of Sant’Arcangelo, there is a short climb of about 500 metres up to Poggio di Braccio, a former sixteenth-century staging post with a wonderful view right across the lake.

Continue along the main road until you get to km. 58.5, and then turn right in the direction of Arezzo and Castiglione del Lago, the latter being another 10 km. further on. At the roundabout situated just before Castiglione, bear right once again and return to the starting point along the lakeside cycle path.

Before doing so, however, you should ride up the short hill taking you into the centre of Castiglione, which is well worth a visit, both for its historical heritage and architecture, and for its outstanding views across Lake Trasimeno.

Things not to miss

Lake Trasimeno (Italy’s fourth largest lake covering some 126 km²) is classified as a Regional Park, and its circular waters, surrounded by gentle hills covered in olives, vines and other crops, are of considerable natural interest, and are extremely popular with foreign visitors and holidaymakers.

Passignano, which has maintained its appearance as a fortified town protected by medieval walls and fortress, boasts a number of buildings of artistic interest, including: the Church of San Cristoforo, the fifteenth-century Church of San Rocco, the Church of San Bernardino, and the Oratory of San Rocco.

You also may like to take a ferry across the lake to the islands Isola Maggiore and Isola Polvese.

The town of Magione merits a visit to see one of the most beautiful castles in Umbria, the Castle of the Maltese Knights (Castello dei Cavalieri di Malta), with its square design and circular towers. The existing structure, built around a hospice founded in the 12th century by the Knights of Malta, is the result of an extension of the pre-existing castle which incorporated an ancient twelfth-century Benedictine monastery claimed to be the headquarters of the Order of the Templars.

Other interesting places worth visiting in the immediate area include the ancient villages of Castel Rigone, Montecolognola and Monte del Lago, each of which affords a delightful view across the lake, together with the old fishing villages of San Feliciano and Sant’Arcangelo.



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