The present guide is designed to offer a series of routes enabling cycle tourists to discover the most beautiful parts of Umbria, while at the same time ensuring that the chosen routes follow those roads and lanes best suited to cyclists.
We have chosen 30 such routes (which we have subdivided according to level of difficulty, into easy, medium and difficult routes) covering a large part of the region, but which of course represent no more than a selection of what Umbria actually offers the cycle tourist: in other words, ours is the starting point from which an infinite series of itineraries could be created.
The easy routes, designed for inexperienced cyclists or for families with small children, are for the best part on the flat, and extend for a distance of between 20 and 30 kilometres.
The medium routes, ranging from 30 to 60 kilometres, are a little more hilly, although they never feature any really steep climbs. The difficult routes, on the other hand, which have been specifically chosen for fitter, more experienced cyclists, range from 65 kilometres upwards, and in certain cases involve steep climbs (although they rarely feature gradients of more than 7-8%). The chosen roads and lanes are mostly tarmaced, and thus suitable for all kinds of bicycle, including racing bikes, hybrids and even mountain bikes. Each route card features a description of the route, a road book, a map, a climb profile and a technical box, so that cyclists have all the information they may need during the course of the ride.
The guide is spiral-bound to make it easier to use even when riding along.

Routes Map

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