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Breathtaking views from Costacciaro to Monte Cucco
Costacciaro, Sigillo, Scheggia, Monte Cucco

Technical Sheet

Start and arrival: Costacciaro
Distance: 32 km
Height difference: 1350 metres
Difficulty: hard
Surface: 60% dirt, 40% sealing
Da vedere in zona: Costacciaro, Sigillo, Scheggia, Monte Cucco

Costacciaro is a small town at the foot of Monte Cucco, a perfect place for trekking and mountain bike lovers, who can enjoy an enormous variety of choices for walking and riding.

The route suggested goes through meadows and beechwood forests, giving some wonderful views of Umbria and the Marches and touching some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the Regional Park. The height difference of over 1300 metres and the many uphill kilometres make it a difficult trail, although not impossible, with some enjoyable single tracks that require dismounting and walking here and there.
The start is from Corso Mazzini, in the centre of Costacciaro, where it exits towards Scheggia and goes for a few kilometres along the Flaminia highway, where it is necessary to be careful of the traffic. It leaves the main road at km3 and turns right towards Coldagello, then goes past the Madonna delle Grazie Sanctuary to Costa San Savino at km 4,8. From here it goes right, up a steep climb following the signs for path n. 45, and at km 5,1 it turns right, off the sealed road, onto a single track over the grass: be careful, as it is not easy to see.
From here it turns left and starts a steep climb of 600m that will make less fit bikers dismount.
Bikers wishing to avoid this part can continue along the Flaminia highway to Scheggia then climb Mt Cucco up the main dirt road, which is not as steep.
The hardest part of the trail ends at km 5,6, where it turns right and continues uphill towards the summit of Mt. Cucco. It keeps right at the next crossroads and reaches Punta Sasso Pecoraro at km11,1 where there is a wonderful view. It then continues through the park, going around the Macinare then along path n.1 (km 14,3), which goes around the peak of Mt. Cucco.
Alternatively, the trail can be shortened by following the signs for Costacciaro and returning to the starting point along the sealed road, which is picked up at km 12,5.
The first part of the track has about a kilometre with stretches that can sometimes make walking necessary , but afterwards, the single track through the woods is suitable for riding and is a certainly an opportunity for a lot of fun.
At km 18,5 it returns to sealed road and at km 19,6 the climb ends: here it turns left and starts the descent along sealed road. It leaves the sealing at km 22 and turns left following indications for path n. 37 that goes to Sigillo (km 25,8), down a fast, stoney descent.
From here it returns to Costacciaro, mainly avoiding the heavily trafficked Flaminia highway (SS3) by going along parallel dirt roads that return to the centre of the town at km 32.

Things not to miss

Costacciaro is a typical Umbrian town on a hilltop at the foot of Monte Cucco. In the old part of the town, see the church of San Francesco (XIII century), with a romanesque-gothic facade made of limestone from Mt. Cucco: inside there are frescoes by Orlando Merlini and, in a side-chapel and the remains of the blessed Tommaso. The remains of the Rocca del Cassero, an imposing fortress built in 1477, and the city walls with the Torre Civica, are also interesting.

A few kilometres from Costacciaro it is worth visiting Scheggia, of Roman origins, where nearby remains of the Ancient Flaminian Way can be seen, and Sigillo, first inhabited by the ancient Umbrians, then a Roman town.

Sports and nature lovers will be fascinated by the scenery in the Monte Cucco Regional Park, which covers much of this area and is characterized by green meadows and ancient forests of beechwood , with a never-ending system of karstic caves, holes, springs and streams.

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