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Dirt road delights

Dirt road delights

Cycling through the woods, in close contact with nature and far from noise and traffic. Pushing up a steep mule track to the highest of peaks for a beautiful view, tackling a tough single track through the forest or just idling from one village to the next along dirt roads through olive groves and vineyards.

These are just a few of the alternatives Umbria has for mountain bikes, versatile bicycles that can be used in many different ways, ideal for beginners wanting to enjoy a quiet Sunday in the country, for expert bikers on high-tech versions wanting to conquer the highest peaks and tackle the hardest downhill tracks, and for tourists wishing to escape from the traffic and discover the area in an atmosphere that only paths and country lanes can create.

This section of presents some of the territory’s most interesting opportunities to pedal along unsealed roads. Of course, it is only a small selection of 22 itineraries showing some of what Umbria can offer to mtb fans: each area presents bikers and tourists with its own almost infinite series of proposals – from the easiest to the most difficult routes, for climbing and downhill alike.

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