Umbria, discovering the art of living... on your bicycle

Umbria, discovering the art of living... on your bicycle

Cycling is an alternative way of travelling and exploring, a slow way of journeying that contrasts with “hit and run” visits that leave few memories to be treasured on returning home. It is a way of getting to know an area, of becoming familiar with its very essence, of seeing famous places, but above all, of enjoying lesser known, often more authentic, places of Interest.

The green hills, the villages, the everchanging scenery and the quiet roads all contribute to making Umbria an ideal place for cycling.

This publication contains the four main cyclo-tourism itineraries through the region - the descent along the banks of the Tiber river, the Via Francigena of St. Francis, the Assisi- Spoleto cycling track and the route around Lake Trasimeno.

The routes are along both sealed and dirt roads. Where they are not cycling tracks, they have been chosen to avoid the traffic and any excessive height differences, making them suitable for everyone.

All itineraries have been divided into stages which are accurately described in separate files containing technical information, maps and cross-sections, a road book and information about what to see along the way, so that all cyclists are provided with enough knowledge about the route to make a smooth and pleasant journey.

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